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Employee motivation is an important part of enterprise management, and is one of the key guarantee for the rapid development of enterprises. It has become a consensus of enterprise management that there is no incentive or not strong. At the same time, the post-80s and post-90s employees have entered the workplace. Most of these employees are full of personality and independent, which is more important for their high-energy incentive. The author summarizes the eight ways of high energy incentive for the readers.


1、 Vision incentive guidance

1、组织愿景引 领

1. Organization vision lead


As an economic organization, an enterprise has vision, mission and values. The development of an enterprise is more brilliant due to its vision and has a more direction due to its vision. Organizational vision is the driving force of enterprise development and the direction of enterprise development. It should be inculcated to employees. The "enterprise vision" is publicized and publicized with the public through training courses, blackboard newspapers, internal journals and electronic magazines, so as to let employees know and let them identify with each other, and "unity of aspiration" can last long.


2. Team development motivates


The enterprise is a "big group", and the team is the "small environment" for the survival of employees. Only when the employees have a team can they have a sense of belonging, can a team play a better fighting power, and a team can stimulate the initiative of the employees; team stimulation needs to strengthen the common activities of all, strengthen daily regular communication, and strengthen the sense of teamwork, so that we can touch and rely on.


3. Personal growth guidance


Employees want to get development and growth when they enter the enterprise. New employees are more like this. The "delivering carbon in the snow" will always make people feel very emotional and move people; the motivation to employees is to think about problems from the perspective of employees, consider their career development from the perspective of development, give new employees friendly work guidance, give caring to the difficult employees, and give the employees with problems It will be helpful to teach by proper guidance and classification.


2、 Broaden your career


1. Give career goals


Employees always have their own career motivation, such as promotion and salary increase, stable work, or happy work. These are the real ideas of employees. The enterprise has its own development goals, and the good ending is "integration". Therefore, the motivation of high-level employees is to determine their "career goals" based on their own conditions, to clarify their future development direction, and to make the employees' goals and enterprises clear The business objectives are integrated, so employees naturally exert their strength, and the motivation is more from the heart.


2. Building development ladder


Employees will work hard with development goals, but the development goals must be achieved in stages. Each employee always has its own work focus at each stage. At this time, the development of employees needs guidance, and the enterprise needs to help them plan and develop the ladder. How to set the key points and how to promote the key points in each stage, plan carefully and take measures carefully. High incentive needs to work for employees It is necessary to combine closely with the enterprise objectives and development stages, so it will obtain the deep recognition of employees, and high incentive is "self-evident".


3. Set promotion criteria


If there is a goal, there is stage, and its promotion plan is more, the standard can be done with the method, and the plan can be better promoted; most employees have their own professional ideas, and they have the goal to have a rush, and they have hope and motivation when they have the goal; if the enterprise sets the promotion standard, the employees will have better development expectations, more development space and stronger development momentum.


3、 Vivid work


1. Select personnel for post


An enterprise is an economic organization, which has its existing value and significance. Its position is designed by the enterprise according to development strategy and organizational function. Most of its establishment is based on a lot of professional logic inference, which is also the important value of attracting employees. Enterprises need to choose the right person to fill the job according to the position characteristics, and determine the right position, employee and post according to the type of person In order to adapt, employees can work happily, promote the development of enterprises better, and employees can have stronger motivation.


2. Rich work


Work should not be monotonous, not boring, and rich work can always attract employees to work faster. Therefore, enterprises should consider "job enrichment" when designing posts, avoid some monotonous and repetitive work. Process design is more flexible on a reasonable basis, and more work aspects are more and less monotonous. As for job richness, it can be as rich as itself Mobilize the enthusiasm of the staff.


3. Proper rotation


Employees have been working for a long time in a certain position, and they will always feel tired. Slack spreads in the staff group like plague. At this time, the enterprise can consider proper rotation of employees' posts, enhance the fresh sense of the staff to the post, improve the good experience of the staff on the post, and work can also be more pleasant, and also make the staff work more dynamic and make the overall arrangement of the rotation position well It is also a great requirement for "post design of enterprises" to take into account.


4、 The authorization system of equal and appropriate responsibility


1. Peer to peer authorization


As an economic organization, strict system design of organizational function design, command power, approval power and other systems is particularly important. It is authorized for functional responsibilities and different powers are granted due to different positions of employees. This is an recognition of the quality and ability of employees, and a "ability incentive" for employees, which makes employees feel the recognition of the company's ability, and makes employees feel the public The company's recognition of professional quality is also an incentive.


2. Proper supervision


Responsibility corresponds to power, power is corresponding to supervision, and power without restriction is easy to cause abuse of power. At this time, supervision becomes particularly important; supervision is a constraint for employees, and it is also an incentive to make employees work hard under the environment of superior supervision, so that employees can know how to cherish power more and also encourage employees themselves.


5、 Training incentive of professional norms


1. Professional skills training


New employees often ask "whether the company has training and what kind of training forms" when interviewing personnel in human resources department. These just reflect the high popularity and strong acceptance of "necessary skills for work" of new employees. It is necessary to carry out necessary industry knowledge training, professional knowledge training and work skill training for new employees, which can make employees feel the organization Professional spirit and enterprising attitude make employees more belonging and initiative.


2. High energy communication training


Management communication is a required course for enterprise management. Excellent managers always pay attention to the skills of management communication. Smooth communication and high-energy feedback will make employees happy and work smoothly. "One good word and three warm winter". High energy management communication and excellent communication training will benefit both managers and employees. Training can also generate high incentive .


3. Everyone is a sharer


There are many employees in the enterprise. Everyone has their own stories, some have strong professional ability, strong communication ability, extensive hobbies, strong team leadership, everyone has "flash point", everyone can become sharers, can hold monthly sharing meetings, let employees participate in training and interaction, and let employees write articles in internal journals and share articles and share them Let employees have more passion and share to make employees feel more belonging.


6、 Emotional motivation


1. To talk about human feelings


China is a human society. Although an enterprise is an economic organization, it must still talk about "human feelings". Employees can give a greeting card on their birthday. When they are red and white, they will give some blessings when they win the prize, encourage them when they lose, help them when they are in trouble, and they will make the hearts of the family more harmonious and make everyone feel more emotional.



2. Talk about mood


Communication is a learning and art. Good communication always makes people happy. Even the critical words will make people feel comfortable. When doing work, we should consider the other party's ability to bear, take into account the other party's mood when criticizing, pay attention to the way and method due to mood, and pay attention to communication strategies due to heart feelings. Mood incentive is as high-energy.


3. Communicate smoothly


Thousands of people and thousands of words, we have a variety of ideas about a thing is normal and easy to understand. As long as the starting point is good, we can understand and understand each other, and communicate smoothly to make the enterprise better. We can set up employee mailbox, can publicly lead e-mail, and ask for staff opinions on major issues. The communication environment of speaking freely will make employees more happy.


7、 Honor incentive


1. Give it in time


Honor is something everyone likes. Everyone wants to get it. The key to good honor incentive is to give timely reward and timely cash. Monthly award is given monthly. Annual evaluation is given at the end of the year, and immediate reward is given immediately. The quick reward shows the attitude of enterprise fast implementation, and plays a rapid incentive role, which makes everyone move faster Come on.


2. Keep giving


The reward is yes, the award is given, but it should be given continuously; the monthly award is given to the next month, and if the annual award has next year, the incentive effect will be greatly reduced; continuous giving is to make the employees have confidence, make the employees who receive the award more motivation, make the employees who are not rewarded more efforts, and the role of incentive is very big. Continuous giving is to make the incentive continue to play a role effect.


3. Give


Honor incentives are diverse, they can be advanced workers of the year, they can be monthly star employees, advanced management teams, advanced teams, labor models, and different. From annual, monthly and quarterly, from regional and headquarters, by departments, large-scale awards from multiple dimensions and perspectives will expand the staff's receiving face and stimulate them Employees' enthusiasm makes them more hopeful.


8、 Inspire enthusiasm


1. Competitive system


The good position of an enterprise is always limited. Its post design has its professional support and responsibility definition, and it is also guided by "post competency model". Talent selection can be "not limited" and can be conducted without discipline, year and experience. All employees can stand on the unified platform for competition, open up good jobs and let employees "compete for jobs", so that employees can experience competition The joy of the struggle, at the same time, broaden the promotion channel of the staff, and mobilize the enthusiasm of the staff.


2. Tree typical


The power of example is infinite. To stimulate enthusiasm, we should move up, and make everyone have goals, directions and benchmarking. Typical ones can also be in many aspects, such as excellent production experts, advanced individuals in annual sales, annual sales top, advanced operators in operation support, etc. the significance of the model is its role model and demonstration effect, and it can promote employees to identify with the value orientation of the company , let the staff have the object of learning, and the object of the corresponding target.


3. Appropriate elimination


Elimination is also an incentive, but it is reverse incentive type. It is usually the last elimination system. The latter or the latter who work is promoted will be punished to make employees understand the value orientation and work orientation of the company and encourage people to work more actively. This method can let employees know the company attitude, stimulate the upper heart of the backward, better put into work and strive forward.


The above is the introduction of eight high energy methods to motivate employees. I believe that everyone has learned. If you want to know more wonderful information, please click our website: Jinan incentive mechanism system https://www.cclsbs.com

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