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The first is the idea, which is why the company pays.


If one day I go to your company to ask employees, why does the company pay? I don't know what he will answer. Is it because he has a good relationship with the leader and pays? Is seniority paid? Is education paid? In fact, they are all wrong. The salary concept is the incentive orientation of enterprises. More and more enterprises believe that there are only two reasons for enterprises to pay, one is ability and the other is performance.


The second is the concept of when employees will be satisfied with their personal salary.


Many enterprises do salary satisfaction research. In the current workplace, it is better to pursue experience than satisfaction


We know that if an enterprise's business performance is poor, these two benefits can be reduced or frozen. The enterprise divides the benefits into level I benefits, level II benefits and level III benefits. When our company's business performance is poor, we freeze level I benefits. We should take HR as the basis for our decision-making, and we should pay attention to the benefits of the company in the future.



The third problem that makes everyone tangle is the internal fairness of enterprise salary. The most direct embodiment is the contradiction between new and old employees. The salary of new employees is higher than that of old employees, right?


This exists in most enterprises. It can be said that this is not a simple enterprise problem, but a common phenomenon in the social environment. When the society develops to a certain stage, this phenomenon is very normal.


1. How do old employees care about you? For example, employees who have worked for more than ten years will be given medals or rings of one material, and employees who have worked for more than five years will be given medals or rings of another material, right? At this time, we can define. For example, the company will never fire you if you have a blue medal, and you can get an annuity. For example, at the annual meeting, the leader sitting in the first row is not the leader, but our old employees and new employees. Who will train them during the induction training? Old staff! Who is the chance to show up in the news media? Old staff!


2. How to treat new employees? The salary is so high. What does he bring? Why do you give them such a high salary? They bring more new thinking, new ideas and the possibility of unlimited hope in the future.


So we can arrange two jobs during the probation period. One is to give him a week to share a professional thing with our team, tell a story or a tool, and see the level of this person in the process of sharing; Second, give him three months to make a work report after becoming a regular, because he can see the shortcomings and problems of our company or department in three months, and let him give us a solution.



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